Anita Vixen in Bimaxx Bi Brawlers Part 2 February 25, 2013 Bisexual

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All these dudes might be wrestling in the ring but let´s face it, we know this is merely the flirtatious foreplay until the actual action starts! This is only a front to show off a few muscles and receive an opportunity to grope each other in the front of the entire team, in addition to oil up to your hole fucking actions soon to come! After two guys proceed and you is announced the winner that the other has to begin sucking his penis, but that ain´t no punishment, and that just opens the bisexual flood gates because a hot chick comes outside to help slobber down this cock! At this point the ref even starts to get involved, so taking his job, and after that the ass pounding begins, since this foursome puts on a display which gets the dudes from the crowd ready and anxious to his or her turn! A fight after which a fuck, now that´s a telltale series that you don´t need to miss more from those bi brawlers coming up!

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