Bimaxx Full Service Salon February 01, 2010 Bisexual

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Christina Lee thought now was going to become a normal work day, just cutting hair and visiting her business, but because it was she had been really mistaken, for today Bimaxx has taken over her small salon! She was trying her very best to sculpt her client´s crazy hair, but she soon realizes that he´s more interested in his buddy standing near, and so long as they´re about to get it on at Christina´s salon they need to be kind enough to add her in the mix as well! Christina is a bit surprised at first, but hey, she´s down to ride and if life throws you such a hot MMF chance you take it! Take it she does, as well as her client, and from the conclusion of this bisexual fuck session Christina´s gonna need to wash up a whole lot more than simply a hair on the ground!

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