Christina Lee in Bimaxx Locked Out Neighbor Needs To Kill Some Time January 18, 2010 Bisexual

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When their freshly showered Christina Lee and her boyfriend would be in for the deal of a lifetime, super hot neighbor finds herself locked out of the flat with nothing but a towel and needing some help. So, on Christina ´ s doorway, he yells of course not shy about his body and clarifies his funny situation. In the very get-go Christina and her man are extremely excited about their good fortune (you´d have to be dead to not get excited about this man), and it doesn´t take long until their horniness gets the best of these and they all see themselves entangled in a super hot MMF scene with both Chrstina and her guy getting fucked by their own man-stud of an intruder! Her guy and Christina Lee love every pussy and ass pounding moment of this hot scene, also by the conclusion of this baby you´ll be blowing your load with both of these bi-boys!

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