Zoey Monroe in Allgirlmassage My Old Tutor February 27, 2017 Ass Rubbing, Cunilingus

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Scene Masseuse Lena Paul instantly remembers her old Coach Zoey Monroe from high school when she walks into the spa.

Lena was rather little when Zoey tutored her into geometry and hung out with her husband. Zoey barely admits the alluring woman she used to educate. But Lena’s mind is flooded with joyful memories and that she chats away while the hot blonde customer gets undressed and onto the desk. Zoey shyly covers her breasts and asks for a sheet, but sadly they’re all dirty. Lena begins massaging her back, recounting how wild Zoey was at parties back in the day. Since the girls catch up, Lena comes outside to Zoey around being a lesbian, surprised her sister has never told her. Lena compliments her pretty tattoo along with her ideal body, then indicates a glute massage can loosen up the strain. Lena pushes her butt whilst making flirty small chat. After Zoey’s had enough ass handling, Lena moves down to her feet. She admits she had a major crush on her old coach, and then surreptitiously licks the soles of Zoey’s toes. When Lena daringly yanks down her top and squeezes Zoey’s foot on her boob, Zoey jumps up to find out what’s going on. However, the masseuse covers up rapidly, then coolly asks her client to flip onto her back. Lena leans over Zoey’s mind and massages her pectorals, sensually squeezing the tension from her perky boobs. Salivating over her nipples, Lena asks hopefully if the rumors are true that she hooked up with the homecoming queen. But Zoey describes it off as innocent experimentation. Lena begins to rub the strain out of Zoey’s thighs, moving up her thighs until her fingers deliberately graze her pussy lips. Zoey plays it cool, but does not invite touching. So a method she learned in Thailand is proposed by Lena. She teaches Zoey to slim down on her body while she strokes her whole torso. Slowly making her way downward, Lena begins to stroke her anus. Zoey tells Lena she has a boyfriend and feels weird cheating. Still minding her pussy, Lena communicates her stress on a lack of orgasms. She states that releasing climaxes is her specialty. Sufficiently aroused, Zoey agrees into a clitoral launch, also Lena undresses to assist Zoey along with the process. She hops on the desk, then Zoey watches Lena have a mouthful of her pussy and lick on it very slowly. Lena admits she has been trying to taste her pussy because high school and makes Zoey cum in her mouth. Next Lena shows her another suggestion called tribbing. The feminine masseuse mounts Zoe’s pussy and rocks her hips, rubbing together their suctioned pussies until they cum simultaneously. Lena has one more lesson to get Zoe. She tickles Zoey’s head and feeds her a mouthful of bush till she gets her nipples! Think Zoey will return for more lessons? Click to find out!

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